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About us

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Wild sourced clinical skincare

We select each ingredient we use from the top rated natural source in the USA to make the highest quality formulations with our team of chemists, ayurvedic practitioners, dermatologists, and skincare experts.

We believe holistic, scientifically researched formulas are what deliver the absolute optimal results for your skin's health and ours.

Our products will never contain parabens, dyes, fragrances, or be tested on animals.

Scientifically Proven


Our team of chemists and skin experts carefully craft our formulations to safely deliver optimal results for the skin conditions they aim to address. We only package in tinted double-walled glass, and never package in plastic, nor do we use fragrance, dyes or preservatives to give our ingredients the illusion they are working harder than they truly are.

We believe in honoring that the skin is a system and an organ, and using only proven beneficial plants and extracts that deliver results safely.

Our lab located in Los Angeles turns 20 in 2019, and meets the standards of over 50 countries world wide.

Community & Chemistry

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Our team is not just cosmetic chemists and skin experts that came together to make products, but a community that came about from a mutual love for exploring the National Parks and the study of Ayurveda. We routinely explore the direct sources for our ingredients and make it our mission to find the best of every medicinal plant nature has to offer.

Because we source our ingredients from the best farms, labs, and orchards for each individual herb or botanical in the country, our products are made fresh in limited quantities, so we only offer our products by private consultation and in limited supplies on our online shop only.

Save the Bees


Bee populations have been a personal concern and passion of Brigitte for life, compounded by the fact that every single botanical in our products would not exist without bee population, and more importantly, we would suffer a global food crisis. For this reason, we contribute 3$ for each product your purchase on our website to bee conservation through the Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association who has been at the forefront of helping bee populations and educating the public since 1973.

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Founder of Green Chemistry

I began my journey in esthetics as a cosmetic surgery consultant and professional makeup artist in my hometown of Los Angeles in the 1990’s, and soon after joined forces with a friend to start a day spa in Palm Springs. Upon starting the spa I found a natural passion for skin care, and enrolled in the International School of Beauty to become a Medical Esthetician. I quickly found my own personal experiences with Ayurveda and holistic medicine fueled my passion to incorporate this into my skin care practice, and moved back to West Los Angeles to specialize in acne and systemic issues of the skin.

After years of research and collaboration with chemists, dermatologists, and herbalists, we created Green Chemistry with a mission to provide clinically proven ingredients with a focus on holistic medicine and naturally sourced botanicals at their peak quality. My mission was to create products that compliment the range of products I already offer my clients, and provide unique formulations I see lacking in the clinical skin care industry, rather than recreate formulations that already work well for my clients needs. What initially started as two of the most nutrient rich serums on the market, has evolved into a line that now makes a scientifically proven toxin-free hyper pigmentation treatment, along with a mask that draws city pollutants from the skin, and a rich anti aging night cream that even surpasses my expectations.

My lifelong passion has always been connecting with nature and animals, so I felt it fitting contribute a portion of our sites sales to benefiting bees, which pollinate most of the ingredients we source, not to mention much of the food we grow in the USA.

I continue to practice in West Los Angeles and offer a range of facial treatments that address the most challenging skin concerns.